MURAD Skincare - Retinol

July 10, 2020


What Makes Murad's Retinol Different?


To start with, it's a potent yet gentle range for the skin offering impressive non aggressive results.


Retinol has been gold standard in skincare for many years due to being clinically proven to speed cell turnover, enhances skin tone and brightness, smoother texture and in general creates a more youthful appearance. 


It's also part preventative and corrective, helping to minimise the signs of ageing.... the ones you see and the ones you can't see yet.


The range consists of three Retinol technologies that optimise performance, to quickly deliver visible results.


1. FAST ACTING RETINOID - goes to work upon application for rapid results.


2. TIME RELEASE RETINOL - controls the release of retinol for ongoing benefits while minimising the potential for irritation. 


3. RETINOL BOOSTER - when used in combination with retinol, this booster amplifies retinol's ability to increase cell turnover. 













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