Finding the right facial cleanser.

November 2, 2018

It goes without saying, that a facial cleanser is the key to a good looking face. If you’re face isn’t clean, bright, and looking refreshed, it won’t matter what else you put on it to make it look good. Finding the best face wash / cleanser for men is often the reason most guy’s faces don’t look better. I want to help you figure out how to find the best men’s face wash / cleanser for your skin type. 


The best face wash / cleanser for men with oily skin is actually quite similar to one for a guy with sensitive skin. Using face cleansers filled with chemicals will only excessively dry out your face. While this sounds like a winner – it’s not.


Drying out your face ironically causes excess oil production. Your skin has a certain set point of oil it requires to maintain its homeostasis state and pH balance. Some people’s levels are less oily than others. If your skin is oily, instead, don’t buy a harsh face wash / cleanser loaded with chemicals, but a strong natural face wash and use it multiple times a day. Use the men’s face wash / cleanser for oily skin in the morning, pack a travel size for mid day during work, and again use at night before bed. This will prevent oily build up from accumulating during the day, and also not excessively drying out the face, which will cause excess oil to be produced.


The best face wash / cleanser for me is the Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser. A multifunctional, clay-based cleanser that washes away dead skin cells, pore-clogging oil, and buildup, leaving skin fresher, smoother, firmer. For deep down cleaning, this 2-in-1 cleanser can also be used as a purifying mask when left to dry on skin. Recommended for normal, combination and oily skin. Safe for sensitive skin.


Its great as it doesn't dry out my skin; leaving it looking fresh and free of any blemishes. Perfect for when I apply a serum, moisturiser or even a BB cream ready for a night out. 


Go check it out and see for yourself. Its a good investment and addition to any guys skin care regime.



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