Clothing doesn't have to be boring.

July 15, 2018

I have never been one to be very adventurous with my dress sense. 


I tend to go for the plain colourings, some might say boring, but I find its just my comfort zone.However, this year I have broken the norm for myself.


H&M have released a number of twin sets for men in their SS18 line. Bold, bright, flamboyant and very out there; and I actually love it.


Why can't we be a bit more daring with our dress code? Who says that we can't wear this or wear that? I personally feel that someones dress sense says a lot about them as a person and their personality. Its a way of expressing how you feel, how you fit with the that moment in time. 


What are your thoughts?


Its also very affordable. With the shorts being just £12.99 and the tee being only £8.99 this makes a fun, non-expensive outfit for the summer. 


H&M iten number|: 0456032016


Go check it out, there is also a few other similar twin sets for the same price.




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